Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Thoughts on Rohan, Horses and Instances

I wanted to share some of my thoughts concerning Rohan and the changes it brought, including the notions on the coming instance cluster and update 9 (so some information may change before release)

First, I want to note that I like the remote loot system and in most cases open tapping also. So I won`t be disappointed if open tapping gets expanded to the whole world *remembers some named questmobs who took ages to respawn*, but I can also understand people who don`t want others helping them taking down an enemy because they want to have a challenge. 
What I don`t like is the move away from fellowshipping it causes. In Rohan it is no longer necessary to group for anything, one can even take down bugud without grouping because there are always players hitting him too. This is nice because one does not have to stalk glff in search of someone "Bugud 5/6 lf Mini", but one can quest from 75 to 85 without grouping once. It sometimes feels like a single player game with chat. Even Hytbold, the current endgame is solo, unless one needs a captain to call him to the top of the beacon. I am quite happy that at least the open tapping in fellowships was fixed, so the whole fellowship gets credit again, not only those who actually hit the mob, although it is bad that people are already misusing this for gold and recipe farming.

The remote looting on chests that is supposed to come with update 9 sounds not that bad. I am no fan of /roll because one wins by sheer chance and some people may do many raids to get their desired item while others get it at first try. I want to take a look on Bullroarer to test this but I like the idea, although I`m not sure if things like Tarnished Symbols or the rohan equivalent of cloak clasps should be handed out like that and if yes then with a reduced chance...

One does not talk about Rohan without saying something about warsteeds and mounted combat. I like it :) Running over wide plains with your mount, customized to fit your preferences (or your outfit ^^)
Though it would be so much greater if there were no lags and I`d hand over a cake to Turbine if the evil slingshotting would vanish... On most evenings I can`t ride my warsteed faster than middle speed (around 8-10) unless I want to encounter rubberbanding, run into walls, fall down cliffs and, when battling some mobs, end up aggroing far more enemies than intended :/
The ministrel in me also is sad that there is no possibility for me to see if someones horse needs healing. Where is the use of having a healing stance when the only person I heal is myself? 

Another big grief with warsteeds are the prices you need to pay to realize your dreamhorse. I`m not willing to pay 600 TP for a pack of six colours when I only need one of them and it gets no better that it is only for one character and I`d need to pay the same price again if I have a second/third character. With one character at 85, two already in Rohan and a fourth not far behind this is a bit out of my price range. And the only hide that drops from the warbands has not been willing to drop for me yet :/ 
At the recent unannounced sale (not sure if it is still running) all colours were reduced by 50%. I think 300 points are not as bad, so I went shopping for my mini and my loremistress. Both got one pack of equipment colours and one pack of hide/mane colours and this will very likely also be the last for them. My hunter and the upcoming runekeeper may also get such packs if there comes another sale. Until then they will have to stick to the default horses and free dyes (pink equipment :D )
I also would like to get the possibility to get more warsteed equipment  in the store, for example matching the festival horses or some of the reputation mounts. And I would love to have the class steed appearances in
the store, preferred in single pieces (I´d like to have the hunters leggins *so furry :) *, but I do not need the whole steed and the same with the lore master acessoire *love*)

Last but not least there is the topic of Instances. Rohan comes with an instance cluster already included in the purchase which should have been released at the end of this year. Now we know that there will be three 3-mans, one 6-man and three raids, all themed to fit with the coming release of The Hobbit. Sounds very nice although I expected some Rohan themed instances. What makes me a little bit sad is, that only the 3-mans will be released next month, the others will come (earliest) next february. There is not much to do until then, as even the 3-mans in RoI were not run that much and the loot was not overwhelming. Already half of my kin is stuck in the Ettenmoors and the other half only logs in for doing daylies and leaves afterwards or does play some other games instead. Skirmishes are ok, but the chance on winning a starlit crystal or Tarnished Symbol of Celebrimbor are small, even if one DOES drop which is not sure. The patchnotes for Update 9 also announce the scaling of the Dol Guldur cluster. This is also something I want to see before deciding on it, but unless they split Barad Guldur in three parts this should be fine. But it is no new content and many raiders have done it many times already. I`m quite curious on how often those instances will be run but as the loot is better that in other scaled instances (Annuminas or great barrow) this could work. If not, I fear that I will have to say farewell to Ingame friends and kinnies who leave due to lack of new, demanding content...

In case of curiosity:
Hobbit is wearing (all in violet)
Head: Slóthi's Hat (Quest reward from Moria)
Back: Cloak of the Windsinger (store)
Robe of the Learned Stag (Quest reward from Dunland, also available as Robe of countless stars from Dunland Rep vendor)
Hands: Gauntlets of the hidden Paths (Quest reward from Thinglad)
Feet: Harmonious boots (Ettenmoors minstrel set)

Hide: default hide, White
Head: Steed of the Minstrel Halter, Violet
Body: Light Caparison of the Entwash, Violet
Legs: Steed of the minstrel leggins, Violet
Saddle: Ministrels saddle
Gear: Steed of the Minstrel Gear


Montag, 26. November 2012

Warm and furry

The Lossoth of Forochel are a solitary people and not too friendly to outsiders, not even to the traders who come to their outposts sometimes. Still, one may gain their approval by showing the will and courage to aid them. Those that manage to gain the friendship of the Lossoth are welcome to their capital Sûri-Kylä and may be gifted with warm clothing from Lossoth craftsmen.

This Hobbit Minstrel has wandered the Lands of Forochel for some time, lending a helping hand to all who needed it, always happy to raise the spirits with a quick tune.
Occasionally she returns to Sûri-Kylä and offers some songs from the Shire far away to the Lossoth. They gather in the great lodge to hear her sing of green meadows and apple trees in the sun and have rewarded her for her songs with a warm robe made from fur of one of the great aurochs that roam Forochel and a cozy cloak of bear fur so she doesn`t get cold when she wanders outside at night to watch the colourful lights of the aurora paint the nocturnal sky.

I love the furry design of the crafted Lossoth armour and cloaks. They look as if it really isn`t possible to get cold in them. As my Minstrel alt on Landroval is questing in Forochel at the moment I took the opportunity to wrap her in fur :D 

Head: Studier of the Watcher; sea blue dye (Quest reward from Vol. 2 Book)
Back: Cloak of Ajokoira; sea blue dye (Lossoth rep trader, also available as cosmetic version)

Shoulders: Daegenann`s Armour (Quest reward, shares appearance with many light shoulders) 
Chest: Great Hoary Aurochs Robe; sea blue dye (Lossoth rep crafted)
Hands: Elven padded gloves of Fleetness, sea blue dye (World Drop)
Feet: Rugged silvan-hide shoes; default dye (Quest reward from Kauppa-Kohta)

Samstag, 24. November 2012

Fangorn is calling

My Ministrel has been busy questing in Rohan for some time. I like the wide open plains where one can enjoy the full speed of the warhorse (although the light pony my hobbit uses looks more like a war-foal compared to the greater horses :D)

But in my opinion the most beautiful place in the new expansion is Fangorn. It has quite a magical feeling, with the great trees and the shafts of sunlight that come through the leaves on some points. I could wander for hours just enjoying the calm and beauty in there *dreams* The quest chain also matches that feeling well, waking ents and planting recovered acorns :)

While questing in there I felt the need to redress my mini to match the deep green colours and the light of the sunbeams. I left her signature hat because it adds some sort of hobbitish flair to the outfit (my kin calls it the flowerpot ^^)

: Hat of the Forests; dark green dye (Lvl 49 World Drop, shares appearance with gleaming flat cap and Woodruffs Hat)

Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak; dark green dye (Summer Festival cosmetic) 
Shoulders: Shoulders of the mighty Verse; dark green dye (Moria Watcher token barter reward, also available as Ettenmoors barter reward)

Chest : Ceremonial Silver Voice Robe; dark green dye (Helegrod Ministrel Set from Skirmish Camp (available as stattet and cosmetical version)
Hands :Gloves of Harmony , dark green dye (Quest reward from V.2 Book 8 chapter 4)
Feet : Vibrant brushed skirmish boots; dark green dye (T7 medium crafted)

And one picture of night and mists, because it shows the darker side of fangorn