Samstag, 24. November 2012

Fangorn is calling

My Ministrel has been busy questing in Rohan for some time. I like the wide open plains where one can enjoy the full speed of the warhorse (although the light pony my hobbit uses looks more like a war-foal compared to the greater horses :D)

But in my opinion the most beautiful place in the new expansion is Fangorn. It has quite a magical feeling, with the great trees and the shafts of sunlight that come through the leaves on some points. I could wander for hours just enjoying the calm and beauty in there *dreams* The quest chain also matches that feeling well, waking ents and planting recovered acorns :)

While questing in there I felt the need to redress my mini to match the deep green colours and the light of the sunbeams. I left her signature hat because it adds some sort of hobbitish flair to the outfit (my kin calls it the flowerpot ^^)

: Hat of the Forests; dark green dye (Lvl 49 World Drop, shares appearance with gleaming flat cap and Woodruffs Hat)

Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak; dark green dye (Summer Festival cosmetic) 
Shoulders: Shoulders of the mighty Verse; dark green dye (Moria Watcher token barter reward, also available as Ettenmoors barter reward)

Chest : Ceremonial Silver Voice Robe; dark green dye (Helegrod Ministrel Set from Skirmish Camp (available as stattet and cosmetical version)
Hands :Gloves of Harmony , dark green dye (Quest reward from V.2 Book 8 chapter 4)
Feet : Vibrant brushed skirmish boots; dark green dye (T7 medium crafted)

And one picture of night and mists, because it shows the darker side of fangorn


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