Montag, 26. November 2012

Warm and furry

The Lossoth of Forochel are a solitary people and not too friendly to outsiders, not even to the traders who come to their outposts sometimes. Still, one may gain their approval by showing the will and courage to aid them. Those that manage to gain the friendship of the Lossoth are welcome to their capital Sûri-Kylä and may be gifted with warm clothing from Lossoth craftsmen.

This Hobbit Minstrel has wandered the Lands of Forochel for some time, lending a helping hand to all who needed it, always happy to raise the spirits with a quick tune.
Occasionally she returns to Sûri-Kylä and offers some songs from the Shire far away to the Lossoth. They gather in the great lodge to hear her sing of green meadows and apple trees in the sun and have rewarded her for her songs with a warm robe made from fur of one of the great aurochs that roam Forochel and a cozy cloak of bear fur so she doesn`t get cold when she wanders outside at night to watch the colourful lights of the aurora paint the nocturnal sky.

I love the furry design of the crafted Lossoth armour and cloaks. They look as if it really isn`t possible to get cold in them. As my Minstrel alt on Landroval is questing in Forochel at the moment I took the opportunity to wrap her in fur :D 

Head: Studier of the Watcher; sea blue dye (Quest reward from Vol. 2 Book)
Back: Cloak of Ajokoira; sea blue dye (Lossoth rep trader, also available as cosmetic version)

Shoulders: Daegenann`s Armour (Quest reward, shares appearance with many light shoulders) 
Chest: Great Hoary Aurochs Robe; sea blue dye (Lossoth rep crafted)
Hands: Elven padded gloves of Fleetness, sea blue dye (World Drop)
Feet: Rugged silvan-hide shoes; default dye (Quest reward from Kauppa-Kohta)

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