Donnerstag, 8. März 2012


Welcome to this blog
 For quite some time i have been playing around with the outfit system of Lord of the Rings online, after being fascinated by this while reading other LotRo outfit-blogs, especially Cosmetic Lotro , Lotro Fashion and Lotro Stylist with their beautiful styles. After a while the desire arose to show my creations to other people and so this blog was born. The next post will present the outfit shown in the picture above. I play only female characters, so for the moment no male outfits will be shown here, but maybe this will change in the future :)

Some words about the person behind the screenshots:
I`m 24 years old, live in Germany and like reading and gaming. In addition to LotRo i play pen and paper role playing games so there will possibly be some posts on this topic too. I spend my time in Middle-earth on the german server Vanyar as officer and member of the kinship "Haldirs Erben"

Currently i play the following characters
Circaleth  (Lvl 75 Loremaster)
Rhodonita (Lvl 75 Ministrel)
Teltanya (Lvl 48 Hunter)
Amieta (Lvl 30 Burglar)
Ithildae (Lvl 28 Guardian)
Celenpeth (Lvl 21 Runekeeper)
Silithryth (Lvl 18 Captain)
Nilaiha (Lvl 11 Hunter) 

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  1. Hi Tinu! I didn't realize you kept a blog as well, but I'm glad I found your site. I love your shot of the hobbit with the basket of eggs!

    Looking forward to more of your creations! :)