Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Golden Woods Messenger

Thinglad lies on the outskirts of Lothlorien. A darker place than the golden wood but beautiful in its own way.  A small group of Galadhrim watches over trees and creatures here and makes certain no evil gets near the borders of Lorien. From time to time a messager is send to Caras Galadhon to carry news of unusual happenings to the Lord and Lady.

This messenger has just returned from Caras Galadhon and now enjoys some quiet moments before returning to her duties. She wears the typical attire of an elf out in the woods, all yellow and earthy tones to blend in, but is lightly armoured because of the upcoming sightings of orcs in Thinglad. 

While moving through Thinglad I felt that it was time to give my Lore master something new to wear. While venturing alone it is much more practical to wear trousers instead of a robe. I had just acquired this cloak and headpiece while questing and decided to make an outfit around them. After some rummaging in my vault I found the breastplate which , dyed golden, matches the color of the pieces I already had. I`m not quite satisfied with the legpiece yet and will swap it eventually if something better shows up. 

Head: Helm of the gentle nudge; gold dye (Quest reward from the Great River)
Back: Cloak of the rescuer; gold dye (Quest reward from the Great River)
Chest: Curucham; gold dye (Drop from Lost Temple)
Hands: Enduring Elven Steel Gauntlets of Might, gold dye (Lvl 48 World Drop)
Legs: Fine Elven Campaigners Leggins; umber dye (Tailor T5 crafted medium armour)
Feet: Spellweavers Boots; gold dye (Loremaster Draigoch Set)
Horse: Prized Rivendell Horse