Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Carrying a smile in her bags

During the festival season, special traders and artificers travel around to sell their goods. There are all sorts of traders: those who sell foods and rare drinks, sometimes crafted only for this special occasion; those who bring fine, new dresses, coats and cloaks and those who carry things made for amusement. Many of those craftsmen have travelled for quite a while and may have some interesting stories to tell. 

This travelling fireworks artificer arrived in the shire with the first rays of dawn to bring fireworks for the festival. After depositing her goods she enjoys the quiet morning before she leaves again, for many others are also waiting for fireworks.  She is clad in bright orange, with stout leather boots and a hat to shield her eyes, adorned with a big fluffy feather she picked up somewhere along her ways. The fireworks are stashed away in her saddlebags and her tools lie in her backpack, safe from curious hands. To protect herself from brigand and other threats that could come upon her during long travels and for hunting her evening meal she carries a sword and a carved bow.

My huntress has been wearing this attire since the anniversary festival.  I got the horse for her and wanted to make a matching outfit. I wanted to make this shirt into an outfit for a while and it fit together with the spark makers pack and those leggins very good. I like the bright colours very much and mostly take the anniversary horse to ride even when it means getting along a bit slower.

Head: Fancy plumed hat; default dye (LotRO Store)
Back: Spark-maker`s pack; default dye dye (Anniversary event barter reward)
Chest: Westernesse leather Jacket of determination; rust dye (Lvl 50 world drop)
Hands: Fingerless gloves, rust dye (Quest reward from "Siding with the poor")
Legs: Enduring westernesse quilted leggins of vigour; rust dye (Lvl 47 world drop)
Feet: Scouts weathered leather boots; rust dye (Quest reward from Dunland; shares appearance with other RoI quest rewards and instance drops)
Horse: Fireworks laden Horse

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